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The exhibition, the organizers in addition to using a variety of media publicity, also will make the 20000 exhibition catalogue, in addition to provide professional visitors outside, will also be sent to the relevant government leadership, departments, industry associations, chambers of Commerce and other professional organizations etc..

The content includes: company introduction, product introduction, welcome exhibitors advertising in the bulletin and the exposition site published.





Catalogue 140mm×210mm inner ¥6000
Catalogue 140mm×210mm Back ¥15000
Catalogue 140mm×210mm Cover 2 ¥12000
Catalogue 140mm×210mm Cover 3 ¥10000
Tickets(10000) 210mm×90mm Back ¥10000
Title sponsorship     ¥300000
Bags sponsorship(10000) One side for expo   ¥20000
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