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Building Materials Expo is currently the largest and most professional green building exhibition, the exhibition covers the insulation and energy saving, wood structure, integrated housing, exterior wall decoration, fire retardant, heating, water supply and drainage, ground source heat pump, steel machinery, doors and windows, curtain wall, outdoor furniture, outdoor furniture, outdoor furniture, air purification, building energy saving, building templates and other content, 150000 square meters exhibition area, exhibitors will reach 1500, 100000 visitors. Gathered in the world the most representative of green building materials brands, such as Owens Corning, Shanghai Building Materials Group, Huili Group, Beixin, Smick, zheng shen, Ounuo chaungneng, elegant, construction machinery group, Canada Wood, Ganglong, Japan Center for timber, Zhengtai, Aio Smith, Sheng Shiboyang, Wei Neng, Viessmann, Grundfox, Lingxing, Ao bell, Boloni, Ju He, and other high-end brands, fully demonstrated the latest technology of green building materials, as the industry benchmark for the party.