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 30 June - July 2, 2015 international green building materials (Shanghai) expo held in Shanghai new international expo center. The exhibition on display size of more than 70000 square meters, a total of 9 pavilions, of more than 1100 exhibitors, concentrated display with the international standards including upstream and downstream systems integration and supporting industries. Exhibition also same host application technology exchange meeting, developing green building materials recommend or BBS and all kinds of projects. The exhibition on new technologies, new products together, once again become the industry wide attention both at home and abroad and a grand scale, the influence of rich professional event.

The exhibitors

2015 green building materials expo has a positive impact on the industry. The last exhibition, attracted a total from China, Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, China, Britain, Austria, Belgium, Germany, France, Russia, South Korea, Canada, Malaysia, the United States, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Sweden, Italy and other dozens of countries and regions of 1100 building materials enterprises. Among them, the domestic exhibitors, 888, 212 foreign exhibitors.

 World famous building wooden new energy, environmental protection, energy saving, heating integrated housing in areas such as leading enterprises to participate in, there is no lack of among themowenscorning, Shanghai building material group,huiligroup,beixin,simick,zhengsheng",ounuochuangneng, yazhi, and mechanical construction group, Canada wood,ganglong, Japan wood center,zhengtai, o. Smith,ShengShiBoYang,Weineng,feisiman,granford, six star,Aobell,boluoni, large and well-known enterprises, further enhance the scale and professional exhibition.

The exhibitors comments

"This year we only across the country took part in the two exhibitions, green expo are the most professional in the industry, our company every year there are a lot of harvest, should continue to participate in next year." - rigid polyurethane heat preservation and heat insulation construction quality good faith alliance  NanZheng

"This year, with thechangzhoukangaobuilding materials technology co., LTD. With display their integration system, which developed by exhibition location pretty good, popularity is good, has reached the expected results." -jiangsuWillie and material technology co., LTD. Manager   Kai Zhang

"Since the expo opened, Japan's timber exports association organization Japanese companies exhibition every year. This year, Japan and timber exports association led by more than ten enterprises jointly created, with its nature, characteristics of green, attracted numerous enterprise and high-end consumers, for this exhibition presents a bright scenery." - - -Timber exports, Japan association secretary  Chuan Zhao

"Green building expo in Shanghai is one of the most important we develop overseas market, each session must attend, booth audience hotels" we are very satisfied with this year, apparently feeling is growing every year, thanks to the warm reception of the organizing committee, old friend, 2016 Shanghai come back!"

-- - South Korea's national team Lee,Seong-hoonPresident


 Three days of exhibition period attracted over 101250 visitors, including domestic audience of 93150 people, foreign audiences for 8100. The exhibition not only attracted a professional building materials production and marketing enterprises at home and abroad to visit, also attracted the domestic and international numerous real estate development units, construction units, design units, construction units, government, industry and other related management departments, the relevant scientific research institutes, project owners, buyers and dealers of participation and attention.

interactive activities

The BBS of enterprise independent innovation

Three days of the exhibition, a total of more than 40 games attracted more than 2000 people listen to the speech, topic covers building palisade structure, building structure and energy saving, comfortable system energy saving, green decorative materials and design, etc., the audience responded enthusiastically.

The development of green building materials and peak BBS

The exhibition theme and peak BBS is the centerpiece of the exhibition, forward-looking and industry leading role, the 19 games theme BBS, attracts a lot of green building applications in the industry professional audience to listen to.

Green building technology lectures

Promote the building materials of the new technology promotion, attract industry attention, about green building materials in the application of existing buildings, involving the industrialization construction of precast technology, architectural energy saving contract energy management and comprehensive utilization of water resources, and the natural landscape of green building design.