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Take advantage of "full decoration week", build the green building materials design, procurement, construction and integration platform

Release time:2017-06-25

——look forward to 2017 international green building materials (Shanghai) Expo site activities

Co hosted by the Shanghai building materials industry association, East Portland health group Shanghai Modern International Exhibition Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Donnor Exhibition Co. Ltd. (ESBUILD2017) the 2017 international green building materials (Shanghai) Fair (hereinafter referred to as the Green Fair), will be held from July 5th to July 7th at the Shanghai New International Expo Center (Pudong New Area Longyang Road 2345 as the opening number.The exhibition has a total size of 100 thousand square meters, 1200 exhibitors, more than 50 theme forums and product introductions, 100 thousand visitors and hundreds of media resources. The Green Building Expo to bring its full decoration, building energy saving, housing system, comfort system, decoration materials and other five major thematic sections, through brand display, professional procurement, trade exchanges, policy support and other four platform advantages to build the system of green building materials industry chain application integration solutions.

Green Fair was founded, after thirteen years of innovation, through specialization, marketization and internationalization, brand operation, has become the international exhibition in East China UFI certification, the largest and most influential international brand building materials exhibition, is an important window and the economic and trade cooperation and exchange platform of the green building material field for the country and Asia.

In response to the needs and concerns of the general public and the citizen, the green building fair has built a platform for the integration and development of industrialization and industrialization of interior construction, and has launched an "all China decoration week" innovatively". As the biggest highlight of the site activities, "full decoration week" will be set up the decoration experience area, the construction of green construction entity housing. Experience led by the Shanghai construction decoration design, frame structure building external industrialization system, effective integration of internal application installed in residential industrialization system, combined with Green Building Expo five theme plate, at the same time through the whole renovation and housing materials industry forum and exhibition site display areas and other forms of real estate enterprises, and the contractor units, research institutes, materials to build design, procurement and construction integration platform. To explore how to achieve horizontal integration in the whole process of the follow-up operation and service management, strengthen the cooperative development of real estate enterprises and building decoration materials and equipment, and other supporting enterprises, enhance value-added products and achieve the optimal allocation of residential decoration industry integration, industrial parts, materials, prefabricated structure system and other resources.

As one of  the traditional advantages of  the project  in five plates show: building energy-saving and new building materials plates, wall insulation  enterprise is still a strong boost to the audience, 11 thousand square meters of full hall area, as the scale of the same type China show again, the new integrated products. Another highlight of the plate is located in the E1 pavilions Building Green Zone, gathered a number of distinctive green enterprises together. Combined with the "seventh building green development and sponge City Construction Summit Forum", we will help promote the construction of sponge city and beautiful countryside, spread the innovative technology of construction and greening industry.

Housing system sector has been the focus of the assembly as the direction of development, This will be the China Association for economic development of Asia Assembly Building Committee and the Chinese interior decoration Association Intelligent decoration Specialized Committee jointly launched the "smart light steel structure model room." Model housing is responsible by the Tianjin World Wood Building Decoration Engineering Co.,for the overall construction, housing construction strictly in accordance with international standards, the exhibition will be the audience to present the most standard, the most advanced light steel housing technology. The construction technology as an integral part of the housing sector, this year to attract more Shanghai jiechao, Chang Yi aluminum mold, Guangzhou Jingxing, Jiangsu Fushen wood excellent scaffold enterprises to showcase the latest construction equipment and technology.

The plate is located in W1 and W2 system with comfortable and energy-saving as the theme, covers, HVAC, air purification system, three whole house water purification、intelligent Home Furnishing,  full house water purification and other content, offer nearly zero energy consumption overall high comfort living environment intelligent solutions. Meet the needs of people living in a healthy and comfortable, the exhibition of "Thrid system Technology residential system" concept has become a major bright spot. At the same time, the second session of the "ecological residential indoor - (selected temperature wet foot oxygen) development forum", combined with the green building and decoration industry hot spots, in-depth study of the development of residential indoor ecological environment of the industrial chain, the development of green building energy saving power and comfort.

Villa facilities as traditional decorative building materials in the plate, this attracted from the German company "Simms enrichment series villa seat lift, the series of products have been sold to Europe market for nearly 30 years, solve for the elderly downstairs scheme, improve life quality. The famous villa elevator enterprises from Singapore - Tissot villa standing villa elevator users with high quality of life from the perspective of environmental protection, with innovative ideas, elegant fashion design, meticulous service, has won the domestic and foreign audience highly recognized. The villa roof photovoltaic power generation, photovoltaic SOLARBAO treasure with years grasp the domestic and foreign advanced photovoltaic information and technology, relying on the strong sea inside and outside the capital, will demonstrate the application of distributed photovoltaic power system with remote power plant operation and maintenance technology for the audience in the exhibition site.

This year E5 pavilion as an important plate materials and decorative design, more attracted from France non-toxic food purifier brands - Aiboer dress exhibition, advanced European technology make "green and safety" modern kitchen culture more deeply. Sheng Ji Mei cabinet -- as a pioneer of industry of industrialization of the kitchen, is to bring the audience unparalleled full private customized services.The colorful activities on site, eighteen years focused on the development of ecological wood veneer system Jiangsu Boteng will fully interpretation of "science and technology of natural beauty". From Italy art paint brands Ouyi Korth OIKOS attend exhibition, introduction of advanced European technology environmental protection decorative coatings. Lianglong diatom mud as the diatom mud ecological wall material pioneer, is to bring the audience unparalleled full private customized services. Application of graphene relates to the development of products in the field of Qingdao Ruilite will add human future life science and technology innovation elements, science and technology innovation to lead the future life.

W3 sanitary ceramics pavilion, with "green" as the theme to create a public space design material, sponsored by Chinese Building Sanitary Ceramics Association, jointly Chinese building environment design industry alliance, Shanghai Architectural Institute and several well-known design companies and research institutions' green design and intelligent Home Furnishing (International) Summit Forum "and" Tao - light - porcelain - Shadow (International) design forum, large size brick paving demonstration and other exciting activities.

    During the exhibition, there will be nearly 50 series of forum activities, covering the whole decoration, building energy-saving, housing systems, comfort systems, decorative building materials and design and other green building direction of development. Activities will be conducted mainly in the form of theme development forums and seminars, field events, product launches and technical exchange meetings. Exciting activities, ideological exchanges, collisions, focus on green construction industry development trends and technical level, build upstream and downstream industries exchange platform.

    We invite the industry to the relevant units to the 2017 international green building materials (Shanghai) Expo site, face-to-face communication experience, found the product development and the latest outcome, feel the green building materials exhibition to bring you the new upgrade experience!