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International Green Architecture and Construction Materials (Shanghai) Expo 2017

Release time:2017-05-22

Date:         July 5-July7, 2017

Venue:       Shanghai New International Expo Center (Pudong district, Longyang Road, No: 2345)

Dimension:    150,000 (12 pavilions)

Organizers:   Shanghai Modern International Exhibition Co., Ltd.

Shanghai Building Materials Industry Association

Shanghai Donnor Exhibition Co., Ltd.

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Amalgamation, Development, Providing green building overall solution comprehensively.

Shanghai International Green Architecture and Construction Materials Expo (ESBUILD for short) is the only international professional building materials trade fair which provides "green building overall solution". The exhibition aims to promote the application of green building technology, new products, new materials and new technology by promoting green building concept, technology and experience. Through the theme of "four-one environmental protection" (energy saving, water saving, land saving, material saving and environmental protection), conform to green, ecology, comfortable building materials development trends, the implementation of the party and the government on the "energy-saving emission reduction, ecological civilization construction" regulations, principles and policies.

In 2017, ESBUILD will strengthen the concept of "integration, development, and comprehensive provision of green building overall solutions". The six sections will be put into green building and design, building energy saving and new building materials, green housing system, green Building, intelligent comfort system, green building construction technology, green decorative building materials and design. The exhibition will be set up to 12 exhibition hall, 150 thousand square meters exhibition area, 1500 exhibitors to participate and the audience is expected to be more than 120 thousand man-time. Through the meeting and exhibition, the expo will attract the attention of the whole society development status and trend of green building. ESbuild will play a great role in the green building development in the 13th Five-Year-Plan.



Last exhibition, attracted a total of 1018 building materials enterprises from China, Austria, Belgium, Germany, France, Russia, South Korea, Canada, Malaysia, United States, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Sweden, Italy and other countries and regions, 100000 square meters, covering 8 halls. Among them, there are 821 domestic exhibitors, 197 foreign exhibitors. Visitors to the audience, the three day of the exhibition attracted a total of 100526 visitors, including the number of domestic visitors to 93204 passengers, foreign audience number is 7322. Exhibition attracted many domestic and foreign distributors, real estate development units, construction units, design units, construction units, industry related management departments, related research institutes, project owners and other professional participation and concern.



1.Green architecture section: design, preliminary design and construction drawings design, component deepening design, design software, EPC software, BIM consulting, prefabricated components production flow systems and equipment, prefabricated components finished, connectors, embedded parts and accessories, concrete chemistry Products, forming tools

2.Constructing energy-saving section: external wall insulation system, interior wall insulation decorative materials, interior and exterior paint, real stone paint, color mortar, new functional coating Materials, wall decoration materials, doors and windows curtain wall, building waterproofing, raw materials, parts and mechanical equipment, fire-retardant materials

3.Building system section: tourism and leisure houses, new rural housing construction, theme parks, energy storage, oil special, housing systems, integrated support, wood Construction, wooden structure, tourism, leisure canopy, tents, advertising tents, storage and logistics tents, military special tents, tents supporting

4.Building intelligent comfort system section: environmental control, purification management, functional materials, testing equipment, clean technology, air conditioning cleaning, scientific research, HVAC products and technology, air conditioning products and technology, intelligent control products and technologies, ventilation products and technology, building new energy products and technology, building drainage products and technology

5.Decorative building materials and design section: Italian quality home, villas and high-end building materials, villas and high-end building intelligent systems, villas and high-end building comfort villas and high-end building leisure and fitness products, villas and high-end construction environment art, villas and high-end architecture interior decoration

6.Construction technique section: formwork series, scaffold series, concrete admixture, concrete technology and equipment, steel bar machinery and equipment


Forums and activities

1.       Green building demonstration area

According to the six themes, the selection of dozens of brand enterprises and design units to participate, together to create a "future home" - set design, fashion, green, science and technology in a technology model, providing green building direction in the forefront of the architectural design industry, grasp the trend, show wonderful use of green materials and equipment in engineering in the field of housing. Is a product of harmonious coexistence of modern architectural design idea and natural living environment, the perfect interpretation of the concept of green building in China, is a modern architectural design, construction and maintenance of the vane, to provide you with the ultimate sensuality and elegant atmosphere, provide the most cutting-edge concept for nowadays housing investment and reduce the cost of investment.


2.       Theme development and Summit Forum

To highlight the theme of this exhibition, the organizers deliberately organized a "comfortable, safe, low carbon, build a beautiful city" as the theme of "2017 Green Building Frontier Technology Development Summit", and around the tourist resort to start the "2017 Shanghai Building Design & Research Institute, East China Architectural Design & Research Institute, Greenland Group, Shanghai International Construction & Design Institute, Shanghai Construction & Design Association, Shanghai Construction & Design Center, Shanghai Construction Association, Shipping Service Center Development Co., Ltd., Shanghai Shen Di (Group) Co., Ltd. and other units of the strong support.


3.       Green construction competition and the real estate business matchmaking

Site activities for the exhibition this year the biggest bright spot, floor heating, thermal insulation and decoration integrated construction contest, tiling Grand Prix, better to promote the new technology of building materials, has attracted the attention of more and more people. Another real estate supplier matchmaking, Chinese construction industry business conference and other colorful activities, new bright spot will let all exhibitors and visitors can see the new product development characteristics, brand innovation, grasp the development trend of the industry, clear enterprise future business and cooperation direction.



1. To exhibit in the national pavilion as the main form of business people at domestic and abroad the import and export business.

2. Thousands of invitation letter for foreign consulates and trade promotion agencies, business institutions, foreign relevant industry associations invite them one by one.

3. Through television, radio, newspaper, network, mobile media, the subway, building materials stores advertisement and so on many kinds of ways for agents, distributors, property developers and construction units and other industry professionals all-round pushing the exhibition information.

4. Through the 300 best cooperation media (building materials, real estate professional website, magazines and newspapers) will the personage inside course of study the majestic, push the exhibition without blind Angle.

5. Wechat, weibo, APP, baidu search, professional superposition of new media channels such as QQ group communication channels, deliver timely and exhibition information dynamic, immediately communicate in architectural design institute, real estate developers.

6. Plenty forms of meetings, activities, BBS, attract the attention of the personage inside course of study, the participation and interaction, around the market hot spots, improve the project docking, create high-end technical exchange platform.

7. 300000 professional audience database, call center through the network, peer-to-peer invitation, hundreds of millions of business opportunities,.

8. A full range of Shanghai design group and design institute of resources, more have to Qinghua University, Tongji University, southeast university, southwest Jiaotong University and other advanced architectural design institution of higher learning support and cooperation.

9. Government functional departments to support and organization, to run around the Yangtze River delta around the construction, the wall to do and association work together, to rectify, were made the best green building trade platform!


Cost of Participation

E1: standard booth RMB18000 (9 sqm) Raw space:RMB 1900/sqm


W1\W2\W3 \E2\E3\ E4\E5\E6\E7 Pavilion

Area A:  standard booth RMB12800 (9 sqm) Raw space:RMB 1200/sqm

Area B:  standard booth RMB10000 (9 sqm) Raw space:RMB 1000/sqm

Area C:  standard booth RMB8800 (9 sqm) Raw space:RMB 880/sqm


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