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1, Please indicate the nature of your work
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  Administration       Purchase       The marketing / sales       Production / manufacturing       Technical Engineer

  Advertisement / promotion media

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2, Please indicate your company’s main categories
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  Research institutes and Colleges       R & D and manufacturing industry        The import and export business       Product Agents       Building materials network / information technology

  Securities investment / insurance / risk       Government departments       Real estate developers       The news media organizations       Professional Association

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3, Your interested areas
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  New building materials and building energy saving       Building water supply and drainage       Interior decoration supplies       Wooden structure material       The villa and high-grade club supporting materials

  Integrated building and housing       Heating system, heat pump and ventilation equipment

Other (please specify):
4, Your visiting purpose
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  Purchase       Seek cooperation       Attend the meeting       To seek a solution       Contact the supplier / vendor

  Understand the building materials industry market information Bilingual Bilingual

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5, Your role in the procurement   The planner        Collecting information       Recommend       Evaluation of human

Other (please specify):
6, How do you know this exhibition
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  Direct mail         Internet       Attend the meeting       Newspapers and magazines        Friends / colleagues / business partners

  Association       TV / radio

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